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The peak alternative of Sonmarg is positioned at a height of 2,740 meters above sea level and at a distance of 80 Kms from Srinagar. The street that attitudes to this town is also a Srinagar – Leh national highway and passes sideward the overflowing Sindh River on one side and on the additional foothills enclosed by the fir and mountain forests. Loveliness of this place is outside the imaginings of human observance and the charisma conferred on this land-dwelling by the spirits, charms the intellects of all tourists. Bounded by the snow peaky mountains and mountainous forestry, mountain slopes which provides interesting opportunities for mountaineers and trekkers, the renewed hilly air invigorates the depth of everyone. The glaciers, cascades and good-natured lakes improve certain more exquisiteness to this peaceful valley. Sonmarg is renowned for its mainstay mountaineering places, high-altitude skiing and trout angling in the thriving River Sindh. It moreover aids as a base for the Amarnath-ji Yatra from the Baltal way which is approximately 15 Kms left from Sonmarg town.

Overwhelmed by the yellow crocus floras that are in complete bud thru the spring season, location was entitled by the residents as Sonmarg. In, Kashmiri 'Son' means 'gold' and 'marg' means 'garden', therefore together it means 'golden meadows'. It will be actual astounding to catch these floras sprinkling the pastures and crux of these floras is purely breathtaking. Previous, it was thought that, there is a well in this valley comprising the golden colored water and is the intention for designation this lay as Sonmarg. Organize an outing to Sonmarg hill resort and you will catch that, this location is actually stiff to shatter.

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About Sonamarg Tourist Attractions :

Krishnasar Lake is an additional famous lake and Sonamarg Tourist Attractions. It placed out at a height of 3801 meter above sea level and can be stretched by Nichnai Pass and travelers can take pleasure in trout fishing in this area. Visitors can walk to Satsar Lake from Sonamarg, which is situated 3600 m above sea level. About SonamargDistant from these lakes, Thajiwas Glacier is extra distinguished travelers destination, resting at the base of the Sonamarg Glacier. This series is enclosed with compact jungles embracing fir birch and pine trees, which makes it an idyllic camping milled. The glacier ruins snow sheltered all-round the year. Substitute renowned end in Sonamarg is Nilagrad, which is a gorgeous peak river curving over a valley.

The river auxiliary joins with the Indus River at the Baltic Colony. Besides to this; sightseers can also realize Sat saran Pass, frequently identified as Sat saran Gali Pass, which is placed at an altitude of 3680 meter. A celebrated spot helping as a Trekking base, Sat saran Pass can be stayed only among the months of June and October. Zoji-La Pass, Nichnai Pass, Krishnasar Pass, Baltal, and Vishansar Lake are some of the other visitor ends positioned in Sonamarg.

Sonamarg Tourist Attractions

About Sonamarg Tourism :

Sonamarg is one of the supreme striking cities in Jammu and Kashmir. It is identified as Kashmiri Venice. Sonamarg TourismThe best widespread item about Sonamarg is Thajiwas Glacier, Things to do in Sonamarg, Places around Sonamarg, Places to visit in Sonamarg etc. Sonamarg is also famous for Lakes and River. The existence of lakes for example Gadsar, Krishnasar, Satsar, and Gangabal enrich the picturesque prettiness of the place, which are also widespread travelers fascination. Gadsar Lake is positioned about 15 km from Sonamarg and is bounded by stunning snow roofed peaks and alpine flowers. In winters, tourists can revel in the vision of ice-covered Satsar Lake and Bataan Lake, which are positioned in the locality of this lake. Trekking and White water rafting are must doing things in Sonamarg.

Sonamarg Tourism

Places around Sonamarg :

The outstanding Sonamarg has many places to visit, noises and aromas to provide to its travelers. Among the various destination worth staying is the Nilagrad. Nilagrad is a colony of the Baltics where a trivial rivulet sees the River Sindh. The Baltics have faith in that the rose-colored of water is because of its educative things and shower in the river every Sunday. Nichnai Pass is the out-of-date fact to attitude the astoundingly lovely lakes of Vishansar, Krishnasar and Gangabal. Accumulation to the exquisiteness of Sonamarg is the Bisansar Lake & Krishnasar Lake.

Places around Sonamarg

About Sonamarg History :

Sonamarg had ancient implication and was a doorway on prehistoric Silk Road together with Gilgit joining Kashmir with China and extra Gulf countries. The Zojila pass placed 15 kilometers east and is one of the main passes for road carriage. It still is a campsite for Ladakh on NH 1D, and is deliberately significant for Indian military who holds regulator above this part of Kashmir. Sonamarg has no long-lasting clearance and is unreachable through winter because of substantial snowfall and slides. At the 2011 India census, Sonamarg had a populace of 392, exclusive of travelers and those functioning in the travel industry. Males comprise of 51% and females comprise of 49%. These are the everlasting populaces of Sonamarg yet seasonally.

Sonamarg History

About Sonamarg Festival :

In Addition to About Sonmarg Festival, In Sonamarg all event marriage, birth, harvesting, tribute of head Monks creation of the monastery, Losar (New Year) and blossoming is noticeable by indulging, dancing and the singing of folksongs that methods a portion of its breathing tradition. Furthermost of the Sonamarg festival are believed in winter but selected prevalent Sonamarg festival happen in summer too. The monastic festival are the heart of all the festival. They are achieved by Monks wearing flamboyant silk clothes and dissimilar facial mask. In Addition to Sonamarg Festival Diwali and Holi are also celebrated in great mood.

Sonamarg Festival

Best Time to Visit Sonamarg :

Best Time to Visit SonamargThe Sonamarg Weatherconditions here are all the time cool and cold in winter Season. There are trifling summers and for the individuals from the savannas it may still be worthwhile to transport a few bright cardigans and thick cottons. The best time for travel in Sonamarg is from the month of April to that of June. There is weighty flurry in the months from December and remains over till February. However the foremost road traffic of sightseers are perceived in the summer months there is a significant quantity of guests seen in winters too amongst the months from November to February. Numerous winter entertainment fanatics travel here to appreciate the snowfall.

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Jammu and Kashmir


2,800 meter ( 9,200 feet )

34.33°N & 75.33°E

approximately 392

Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri

Monastic Festival

Pin - Code : 191 203
STD Code : 0194

Police : 100
Fire : 101
Ambulance : 102

In Summer : May To September
In Winter : November To February

Lakes, Picturesque view, Meadows, Mountains,
Alpine Flowers, Pine and Fir Forests & Trekking

Summer temperature : 8°C to 34°C
Winter temperature : -7°C to 18°C