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Leh ( 337 Kms ) :

LehPersonification of natural exquisiteness Leh, attractively huddled by Karakoram and Himalayan series, is the head office of Leh Region in Jammu and Kashmir. Leh is at an elevation of 3524 meters ( 11,562 feet ), and joins by National Highway 1D to Srinagar in the southwest and to Manali in the south thru Leh-Manali Highway. Effortlessly positioned on the banks of the well-known Indus River with all its splendor and remarkable environments, Leh valley fascinates sightseers from all over the globe to its tour all-round the year.

The chief portion of the Leh city is enclosed by earliest Buddhist memorials, Mosques seeing back to 16th and 17th eras and a 9 storied fortress Sengge Namgyal made in Tibetan architectural elegance. Leh is the property of Priests, the Buddhist Monks and is mostly occupied by Buddhists and Hindus. Leh families' frequent Buddhist memorials, hermitages and education centers, Shanti stupa and Sankar Gompa are certain of them. Leh has developed to a finest profession Centre in Central Asia, with numerous transaction chances for the interested and devoted beginning dealers and highfliers. Shopping is a familiarity in Leh. One can spot several dealers in the city retailing out enormous Tibetan styles and jewelry, winter woolen outfits and ornamented globe prominent carpets.

Kargil ( 125 Kms ) :

Kargil, one of the significant and protuberant regions of Jammu and Kashmir is positioned 205 km from the state capital, Srinagar and approximately 125 Kms, Places around Sonamarg. Kargil is a part of Ladakh but developed a distinct area in 1979 afterwards being separated from the quarter of Leh. Kargil area is associated by the Zojila Pass and attitudes amongst 30 to 35 degree North leeway and 75 to 77 degree East West longitude. KargilPlaced at an elevation of roughly 2,704 m, and near juxtaposition to the Line of control, Kargil has Kashmir Vale to its south although in the west is the Pakistan administered Kashmir's Baltistan. The place aided as an arena throughout the India-Pakistan battle in 1999. The endpoint is familiar for its valleys, small cities, hermitages, rustic villages and memorials. Kargil conquers a substantial location in India's aggressive history illustration crowds of visitors.

The Kargil place is really an ecstasy for escapade explorers as they can relish audacious deeds such as trekking and mountaineering. Kargil also swarm archery challenge through the month of May. Several of the main charms contain Sani Monastery. Constructed by the King Kanishka of the Kushan Dynasty in the 1st century, the friary is observed as one of the oldest sacred spots in Ladakh and Zanskar. Mulbekh Cloister is alternative chief fascination in Kargil area. Some of the extra famous pulls in Kargil are the monastery of Rangdum, Zongkhul Monastery and Stonday Monastery. Best time to visit Kargil is the duration of May and June.

Srinagar ( 80 Kms ) :

Srinagar, perhaps a city that symbolizes love and gorgeousness is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir; seamlessly sited in the epicenter of the Kashmir Valley. Srinagar factually sense 'the city of wealth & abundance' in Sanskrit, was created nearby 150 AD by King Pravarasen II. Positioned on the banks of the river Jhelum Srinagar is enclosed by attractive lakes like Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Wular Lake, whose impressive waters dazzling the rays of the sun is a view to observe. SrinagarIts brightly exciting & lovely houseboats seafaring laterally the beautiful Dal Lake alongside the milieu of the grand Himalayan snow covered mountains sorts Srinagar a dream destination for all tourists.

Not only identified for its attractiveness, Srinagar also has a superior lay in the history of prehistoric India. Archaeological site passed out here have notorious several respected signs of antique expenditures seeing back to 5,000 years. The relics composed from the quarry are showed in Srinagar museum, which comprise arrowheads, animal carcasses, outfits, tools and vessels from the Neolithic age. Regardless of the period, Srinagar appeals visitors during the year to appreciate its snow arrayed mountains, colors of fall & greenery of the summers.

Specific of Srinagar's top reserved expected splendor is at the expansive Mughal Gardens - which families the Shalimar Bagh & Nishat Bagh. Lake side sights, wonderful sunsets, floating souks, luxuriant greens, reliable Kashmiri cookery & friendly residents are just some of the reasons why tourists from all over the globe flock to this 'Paradise on Earth'. Some of the must see places in this splendid lake side city contain the thriving laid out Mughal Gardens, the primeval Dal Lake, adore a comforting Shikara ride, arc down at the Shankaracharya temple, coddle in shopping for the renowned Pashmina shawls and Kashmiri handicrafts & last but not the least, delight in some adrenaline whistle events like skiing, trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, camping and Kayaking.

Gulmarg ( 122 Kms ) :

Gulmarg accurately means pasture of blossoms. It is a striking hill station in the region of Baramulla of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Places around Sonamarg, Gulmarg is situated approx. 122 Kms from the Sonmarg. The hill station, at a height of 2730 m, was previous acknowledged as Gauri marg, where Gauri positions for Deity Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva. GulmargThe name Gulmarg was agreed to this place by the Ruler Yusuf Shah Chak. Nuzzled with superb mountains in the Himalayan series, Gulmarg is a remarkable picnic spot concerned by all types of travelers with its lavish green environment, pretty sceneries, blossoming gardens, peaceful lakes and pleasing weather through the summers and cascades. This striking hill station was a liking resort for rajahs and noble family fellows and a summer emptying for the British officers for the period of the British rule in India. Gulmarg is an attention-grabbing place around Sonamarg with attractive environments, stunning gardens with awareness blogging florets and scent. This is one of the preeminent ski resorts in India as it becomes weighty blizzard, particularly throughout winter. Some of the uppermost ski slopes in India deceits in the sloppy Himalayan areas in Gulmarg. Mother Landscape has sanctified the areas of Gulmarg with all its rinses of prettiness and the peaceful ambiance existing currently in this district creates it a top sightseer target. Gulmarg is attributed with the extended and uppermost cable car development in Asia. The familiarity in this cable car is wonderful and actually unforgettable. Gulmarg is speckled as one of the probable place for 2010 Winter Nationality games.

Pahalgam ( 171 Kms ) :

Amazing for the enthralling natural attractiveness, Pahalgam valley places around Sonamarg is sited at the convergence of Lidder River and the watercourses instigating from tranquil Sheshnag Lake. The valley is positioned 96 km from Srinagar, the state capital of Jammu and Kashmir in Anantnag region and approximately 171 Kms from the Sonmarg. At a loftiness of 2,130 meter above sea level, this lavish green valley is best pursued by tourists looking for lessening and relaxation. The valley gives magnificent panoramic sights of the good-looking Himalayan Series. PahalgamPahalgam is the immoral campsite for the celebrated visit to Amarnath and also an eminent shopping place for woolly crops. It levies a part of the area in Asia where Saffron is developing. Pahalgam valley is flawlessly fit for audacious activities like golf, horse riding, trekking and several water sporting.

The uncharted swelling hilly lands and the simple valley areas are similarly conspicuous. Baisaran, a peaceful and pleasingly stunning pasture, is a neighboring magnetism. This grazing land is set at a height of 2,438 m overhead the sea level. Snow clothed peaks and hankering pine jungles improve the prettiness of this pasture. One can have spectacular sights of Pahalgam basin and the Lidder river vale from this top. Snow sheltered Tulian Lake is alternative striking commercial for likely visions placed adjacent Pahalgam. Lidder valley with awareness puffing and noticeable natural outlooks, the snow graceful river Lidder and the antique place of worship Mammal Shiva temple are all very beautiful close charms in Pahalgam. Pahalgam offers all essential amenities for the sightseers to have revitalization and imposing holiday tourism.

Baltal ( 14.5 Kms ) :

BaltalAccurate at the base of the Zoji-la pass is the attractive pasture is Baltal which is about 15 km places around Sonmarg at a height of 2,743 m, and helps the campsite for Amarnathiji yatra. Concluded a twisting walk of 14 km from Baltal, one can reach the Sacred Cave and throughout the Amarnath journey, tents are also arranged here. One can rental taxi or take a bus from Sonmarg to reach at Baltal and it will yield roughly 1 hour. Visitors can straight influence Baltal from Pahalgam also which is only 24 km away and takes around 45 minutes on bus. For those visitors wanting to pamper in trekking to Baltal from Pahalgam will take about 5 hours. Baltal is identified for its lovely outlooks. The tents offered here are reasonably priced and visitors require to whichever trek to rent horses to reach the hollow. Travelers can also take airplane facilities from Baltal that will drop the yatris till Panjtarni which is 5 km from the cave in just 7 minutes. The trip added to the cave desires to be enclosed on base or ponies. From Baltal to the holy cave and backbone, ponies will price about Rs 1,700. The 14 km extended sharp trek will take just about 4 hours for the visitors to reach the cave. Great amount of free langars is also accessible in Baltal for the travelers and several small tea shops will also be exist enroute. There are lots of Sonamarg Hotel placed in and around the Baltal as it is the quite nearest place to Sonmarg. Sonamarg Hotel offers best and high-quality Sonmarg Accommodation with all the modern facilities so that guests feel comfortable during their tour time.

Anantnag ( 133 Kms ) :

Anantnag is a city that is positioned in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the district of Anantnag and 133 Kms places around Sonamarg. The city is the capital of commerce in the state and is one of the furthermost established locations in the Kashmir Valley. Anantnag is an antique city and aboriginals are recognized to have existed in the extent. AnantnagThere are numerous visitor fascinations for travelers in the city of Anantnag and these contain hot spirals, lakes, holy place, memorials and rare additional places. There are two statuette mechanisms that are positioned in the city and also numerous expected spirals that offer renewed water. Malik Nag, Nag Ball and Slag Nag are the foremost helixes in the place. These are widespread places to visit for the natives also. The place is identified for its sacred acceptance and there are monuments that are appropriate to together the Hindus and the Muslims. Some of the reliquaries that can be create here are the Hazrat Baba Rashi, Go Swami Gund Ashram, Shilagram Temple, Shanna Baranain Triposundari Astapan Devsar, Nila Nag and several extra. There are seven temple campuses in the city and these are respected by the Hindu population of the area. Particular of the shrines that you can stay are the Hanuman Temple, Sita Temple, Ganesh Temple and Shiva Temple.

Yusmarg ( 127 Kms ) :

YusmargThe town of Yusmarg is placed in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Yusmarg places around Sonamarg just about 127 Kms. This town is an identical prevalent visitor end in the area, and it is also positioned very nearby to the capital city of Srinagar. The city of Yusmarg is placed in the Budgam district, which is acknowledged for its depiction seamless locations and background.

The whole area is complete with verdant meadows and the town of Yusmarg is also enclosed by very compressed jungles. Families from Srinagar typically usage the town of Yusmarg as a picnic destinations because of its closeness to the place. Escapade experts will love itinerant to the town of Yusmarg, as they can board on walks in this place. They can proceeds a trek to the city of Nil nag that is found at a remoteness of 4 Kms from Yusmarg. This area has a very lesser lake that is prevalent amongst travelers. Additional foremost sightseer end is an ice-covered lake specifically present-day in the Sang E Safed valley, which deceits at a space of 10 Kms from the town. You can take a walk to this place, and you can go camping close the freezing lake, nuzzling inside the fresh prettiness of the place. You can also go pony riding thru your tour to the town of Yusmarg.

Baramulla ( 106 Kms ) :

BaramullaThe town of Baramulla is situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This town is placed in the Baramulla region, and this places around Sonamarg about 106 Kms far and is a most important sightseer purpose in northern India. There are several localities that you can stopover thru your outing to the city of Baramulla. Sightseers travel to the town of Baramulla in crowds caused by its juxtaposition to the capital city of Srinagar. You can halt at Gulmarg from Baramulla, as this area is very well-known amongst travelers in the region. Gulmarg is one of the rare Indian hill stations to have a skiing milled, and this is the main charm in the city. You can liveliness skiing in Gulmarg and you can flush attempt your hand at playing golf. The town is situated at a height of 2650 meters. Golfing is a standard bustle here thru the summer, and skiing is broadly experienced here through winter. The area is also entitled as 'the Valley of Flowers' and has several attractive floras in the spring period. You can pamper in additional activities like hiking and even pony riding in your tour to Gulmarg, in Baramulla. Walking followers will also adore the location, as a three day trek can be booked from Gulmarg to Tosa Maiden.