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Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg :

Thajiwas Glacier SonamargThajiwas Glacier Sonmarg places are positioned at an altitude of 3000 meters overhead sea level and relics frosted during the year. In edict to grasp these places, travelers can rent horses from Sonamarg. The ceaseless Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg 3km from Sonamarg offers an opportunity to visit and get a pleasure from sled outing on snowstorm realized in mid-summer. Horses are manageable up to glacier from Sonamarg. Climbing Sindh River sorts places it extra audacious. One of the supreme pervasive short walks from Sonamarg and a main fascination throughout the summer months is the 4-km route to Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg, a trivial valley at the foot of the Sonamarg glacier. Trail indications up to the Shokhdari hill places, overseeing the glacier from the northeast. It is unsafe to ascent the vertical grade foremost capable of the glacier. Horses can be rented for the outing up to Thajiwas glacier Sonmarg. Commonly in early summer one will visit places to see groups of Guar short-lived concluded Sonmarg on their mode to the alpine pastures for the summer. At about 5Kms, Thajiwas Glacier Sonamarg is a delightful place where landscape blossoms at its best. There is a paddock at the bottom that leftovers enclosed with luxurious Pine and Fir trees. The dwelling has a quantity of expected cascades and is a perfect predicament for go camping with enormous Himalayas in this region.

Krishnasar Lake Sonmarg :

Krishnasar Lake SonmargKrishnasar Lake Sonamarg places or broadly identified as the "Lake of Lord Krishna" to be found at a mountain high Altitude Lake sited at an altitude of 3801 meters in the locale of Sonmarg. The dimension of the lake is 0.95 km and its determined thickness is 0.6 km. Krishnasar Lake Sonamarg is enclosed by thick alpines, the location gives cool and pleasing ambiance. Krishnasar Lake Sonamarg is one of the utmost enthralling lakes to visit in Sonamarg in the sequence of numerous Himalayan lakes. The lake is famous for trout fishing while persons also appreciate other water activities here. Krishnasar Lake Sonmarg is a prominent and outing places to visit in Sonamarg for nature lovers. Krishnasar Lake Sonamarg is placed adjoining the renowned hill station of Sonamarg in Srinagar Region. This mineral clear water lake is bounded by solid high forest and it suspensions thru the winter months. Visitors can visit places like the lake by Nichnai Pass and familiarity calm and agreeable weather smooth in summer. The Krishnasar Lake Sonamarg is dwelling to brown trout and it is celebrated for trout fishing actions. The month of June to September is the great period to official visit the lake. You will see tourists from all over the places approaching here and delight in themselves.

Gangabal Lake Sonamarg :

Gangabal Lake Sonamarg ( Latitude: 34.4333, Long: 74.925 ) is placed at the base of the north-eastern glacier of Mount Harmukh, at an elevation of approximately 3570 Meters ( Francis Brunel, the author of 'Kashmir' locates the highness at 3657 Meters ). It is supposed to be the correct foundation of Kashmir Ganga and is therefore identified as 'Uttarganga'. It is the finishing end of excessive 'Harmukh ganga' pilgrimage. Lake's turquoise painted page of water gives a subtle petition to the valley which is acknowledged as the 'Hardwar of Kashmir'. Gangabal Lake SonamargWater from glaciers places gathers into the Gangabal Lake, which afterward streams downcast to alternative lake places adjoining called Nunkol (Latitude: 34.4166, Long: 74.9333) and then into the Sindh River at Kangan

Gangabal Lake Sonamarg is the best enthralling trekking places in the whole Kashmir valley and can be accessible from Sonamarg via Krishnasar and Vishansar places (about 4 days trek), from Kangan by Wangath and Narain Nag (1 day trek), and from Chattergul through Mahalish and Brahmasar (1-2 days trek). Ultimate tough portion of the trek, when going thru Narain Nag is Buth Sher, which is exact abrupt and problematic places to visit for hiking. Trekking ways to Gangabal are open from July to October. For rest of the year, the places are sheltered with very heavy layer of snow, creating it unapproachable to visit. Gangabal Lake Sonamarg is notable for colorful trout fishing. The fishing period ( season ) is from March to October. The trekking way from Sonamarg crosswise Nichnai pass ambles beside a numeral of lakes specifically Krishnasar Lake, Vishansar Lake, Yamsar, Gadasar, Satsar Lake and Nunkol. Krishnasar, Vishansar and Nunkol lake places are also supplied with trout fish.

Gangabal Lake Sonamarg is 2.70 Kms. Lengthy and about 1.00 Km at the extensive point. It is in the figure of Shiva's foot. All-out saturation of the lake is 83 Meters. Nunkol is 1.25 Kms stretched and around 400 Meters at the broadest point. The Gangabal Lake is come within reach from Srinagar 45 kilometers by lane thru Ganderbal up to Naranag and then a walk of 15 kilometers upslope clues to the lake, which can be enclosed by a pony trip or by foot. Many Sonmarg Hotel who offers best Sonmarg Accommodation to the client, that also arranges this Lake trek.

Zoji-la Pass Sonamarg :

The Zozila ( also well-known as Zojila or Zoji-la Pass Sonamarg ) is one of the significant places to visit because of mountain passes in India. At a height of 11,575 feet (3,528 meters) above the sea level, the pass places Amid Leh in the Western Himalayan Peak Series and Srinagar, on the Indian National Highway 1D.

Zoji-la Pass SonamargIn other words, it joins Leh and Srinagar places. Tremendously thin, this pass is one and only one of the furthermost treacherous passes in this area, feeling malicious breezes owing to the chimney consequence and very dense blizzard. There are more than 60 risky fall spots on this road.

In meanness of the detail that it is frequently stated as Zoji-la Pass Sonamarg in the international press, the accurate English variation is Zoji Pass or just Zojila because the suffix "La" signifies pass in dissimilar tongues spoken in the Himalayan territory. In present languages in North India, "La" and "Dara" are together employed interchangeably to indicate pass.

From Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir, the remoteness of Zoji-la Pass Sonamarg is 9 km (5.6 miles). The pass purposes as a chief linkage among Ladakh and Kashmir. The Zojila Pass grades as the second premier pass in India succeeding to Fotu La Pass places positioned on the National Highway amid Srinagar and Leh.

Vishansar Lake Sonamarg :

Vishansar Lake SonamargThe places to visit are Vishansar Lake Sonamarg which is a mountainous in height elevation oligotrophic lake positioned in the locality of Sonamarg at an altitude of 3710 meters. It has a supreme extent of 1 kilometer and maximum measurement of 0.6 kilometers. Vishansar Lake Sonamarg deceits about 35 km from Shitkadi, Sonmarg. With a stretch of a kilometer and a thickness of 0.6 km, this pleasant lake places to visit is midst the tourist's happiness in Sonmarg. The outstanding places to visit are adjacent with snow protected foothills and pastures about with mountain floras sort it a paradise for trekkers and escapade lovers. Moreover, the lake is residence to changed types of fishes including the brown trout. Nourished by Krishnasar Lake and glaciers, the lake is the key basis of Neelum River. Throughout winter, the Vishansar Lake Sonamarg freezes however in summer, the lavish green pasture places bordering the lake offers really remarkable eyesight. A high loftiness lake, it can be extended through trekking or horse outing. The lake is also reachable from Nichnai Pass, which is added in height rise famous tourist destination and places to visit in Sonamarg. Many Sonamarg Hotel are placed quite near to this Lake.