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Spring Snow Festival Sonamarg :

In an improvement in the direction of the campaign of escapade sporting and sightseeing and offers to endorse snow sporting at the attractive Sonmarg, the Sonmarg Development Authority is establishing Spring Snow Festival Sonamarg, the three-day event will be held in association with Tourism Section and Venture Club ( Worldwide Youth Hostel Sonmarg ). Spring Snow Festival SonamargThroughout the Spring Snow Festival Sonamarg activities like Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Exploring, Sledging, Snow Boarding, Snow Cycling, Snow Baseball, and Snow Kayaking, moreover a ethnic program will be held.

To indication, the magnificent sightseer destination is presently completely snow dressed. There is incredible choice for winter leisure here. Ski touring can be led up to late July in Thajiwas Glacier Area. The location has interesting ridges and mountains giving thrilling ski. Subsequently Sonmarg rests cut tainted from rest of the state in winters it was not possible to sponsor winter visiting the attractions excluding the Heli Skiing at the place. The Skiers and Snow Boarders interested to partake can register with the Sonmarg Development Authority, Srinagar office in Tourist Reception Center.

Losar Festival Sonamarg :

Losar festival Sonamarg, according to the Lunar Calendar, is renowned for 2 weeks in the month of December and January. Losar Festival Sonamarg is passionately relished by Ladakhi Buddhists by giving prayers to the Gods, both in Gompas and in their natural memorials. Losar Festival Sonamarg, in the Jammu and Kashmir region can be observed as the most decorative and intricate of the diverse social and sacred events and Sonmarg festival. Each and every one - men, women and children create a vigorous sharing through the Losar celebrations in Sonmarg. Losar Festival SonamargThe burials and the ceremonies that are trailed in the Losar is an exciting union of the Buddhist and the pre Buddhist Born sacred performs.

It is throughout the termination of the picking season that persons begin creating arrangements for celebrating Losar. There are necessities that are kept and goats and sheep retained for the sumptuous habitual banquets that custom an important part of the Losar festivities. Chang, a native barley beer is a widespread drink for the Losar parties and ounce from the harvest is preserved for its preparing, as a portion of provisions for the Losar merriments. People clothing new outfits and decorate themselves in new jewels to improve the cheerful temper in the air. The overwhelming of the goats and the sheep which were held in reserved for the celebrations are completed with a ceremonial to mark the starting of the Losar celebrations.

Holi Festival Sonamarg :

The " Festival of Colors " is definitely eminent in a very colorful way in Sonmarg and is one of the foremost Sonmarg festival for the natives. The heaven is actually charged up thru the revelries. The colorful Holi Festival Sonamarg is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which comes in February end or primary March. Holi festival Sonamarg has an antique source and celebrates the success of 'good' over 'bad'. Holi Festival SonamargThe colorful festival links the social opening and restarts sweet relationships. On this day, individuals hug and bidding each other " Happy Holi ".

Sonamarg Festival Holi festivity starts with lighting up of bonfire on the Holi day before. Many mythologies & stories related with Holi celebration sorts the festival more excited and bright. Publics scrub 'gulal' and 'abeer' on each other's faces and perk up saying, " bura na maano Holi hai ". Holi also offers a pleasing opportunity to send dedications and love to dear ones enveloped in a special Holi gift.

Diwali Festival Sonamarg :

One of the furthermost significant Sonmarg festival celebrated by Hindus, Diwali, is also familiar by the designation of "Festival of Lights" or Deepavali. It is renowned in the month of October or November. Diwali festival Sonamarg is celebrated with ceremony and expression. The Diwali festival Sonamarg symbols the arrival of Lord Rama, after the extermination of Whiz King Ravana. On this day, people respect Lord Ganesha and Deity Lakshmi to bless them with affluence. Watching or taking part in the Diwali festival Sonamarg, can be a fascinating familiarity in this state. Diwali Festival SonamargDiwali is celebrated with customary enthusiasm and joy, in distinct style.

The people of this state rejoice this day with great celebration. People embellish their houses much earlier in arrangement of Diwali festival. This is the event for purchasing innovative belongings - a new home, a new car, furniture, clothes, kits etc. On the day of Diwali Sonmarg publics get up quick in the morning and then put on new dresses, attend shrines, and buying lots of sweets and dry fruit for supply amongst friends, relatives and colleagues. They also purchase earthen lamps, candles and electric equipment for revealing their homes and business setting up. For kids it is a day of jolly making. They delight in by playing with crackers particularly at night time. They also get money from Parents and families as Diwali Gifts.