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History of Sonmarg:

The Sonamarg History is equally rich and charming. The History of Sonmarg exposes exciting and frequently delightful features of the ethos and life of the Sonamarg people. As soon as you set base in Sonamarg, you will realize the traces of the antique occasions that occurred here. Fairly a rare of the most visited fascinations in Sonamarg has chronological implication. The superlative mode to acquire about the beliefs and way of life of the people of Sonamarg is to get aware with the inspiring Sonamarg History.

More about Sonamarg History, Sonamarg had ancient importance and was an entrance on earliest Silk Road along with Gilgit joining Kashmir with China and other Gulf nations. History of SonmargThe Zojila pass lies 15 kilometers east and is one of the maximum badges for road carriage. It quiet is a base campsite for Ladakh on National Highway 1D, and is tactically leading for Indian army who clamps control above this part of Kashmir. This is a place that accurately means the 'Meadow of Gold' and evidently the whole thing here aspects as primeval and unpolluted as complete fairy-tale of gold. There is an outcome of life-threatening peacefulness that creates you want to stopover on and infuse yourself in the loveliness of nature. There is an environment of striking natural plenty that extends thru the snowcapped peaks to the landscaped greenery of the hills outdoing into a spectacle of deific heaven. There is a visualization of extensiveness here at Sonamarg that you will find astoundingly lovely from glaciers and great mounts that surroundings it to the lands of green and multi colored floras all overhead it there is all form of imaginative look expecting to be poised in the poet's language. There are best and budget Sonamarg Hotel for the guests which is build during 1990-2000. The Sonamarg Hotel offers best Sonmarg Accommodation with all the modern facilities. Sonmarg history is very adventurous and wonderful with varied experience gained at each level of change in history of Sonmarg. The History is like an old knowledge of that place with change in culture, changes the history of Sonamarg at each level of change in culture.