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Sonamarg People :

Sonamarg People and culture is very unique. They have very kindliness about their guest and they welcome their guests with so much of love that nobody can imagine. 97% of the whole populace of the Muslim shares of the populace as the leading power. Srinagar is the main state of the Muslim public all over in India. Sonamarg handicrafts and tailored is a base of earnings. Tourism has been the salvation of Sonamarg people.

Sonamarg native language is 'cashmere' or 'koshur" but the Kashmiri Pandits and Gujjars in Sonamarg is appraised Hindi language. Sonamarg is known for their generosity and attractive lakes, meadow Valley and peaks. Sonamarg people admit his visitant with a warm welcome. People of Sonmarg run a simple lifecycle. Their chief basis of revenue hangs on sightseers. Each people of Sonmarg have cavernous deference for their capture and Sonamarg culture. Valley disorder happens; each and every people of Sonmarg hoisted definitely to say you are welcome. Such bravery and passion of Sonamarg is.

Sonamarg Culture :

Sonamarg Culture of a location is a replication of its civilization. The culture of Sonmarg is charming and attractive. It says us roughly the Sonamarg people, their way of life and their opinions. Detecting the culture of Sonmarg offers you a just indication about the ethnicities and performs that are static observed by the citizens. The Sonamarg festival, the events, the fascinations, all replicates the Sonamarg culture in one way or the other. Visiting the attractions has selected up in the previous period or so and the inborn people are commonly pretty approachable in the direction of the travelers. Originated and be fascinated by the alcoholic culture of Sonmarg.