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There are few Sonmarg Restaurants are present. Distinctive Kashmiri cuisine is ridiculous and lace up with a measure of spices. Non-vegetarian restaurants charge is most widespread and has excess custom of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and saffron at the Sonmarg Restaurants. Most Sonamarg hotel has involved restaurants so you have a justly broad choice of varieties. A distinct delight you cannot miscue is the food prepared by the houseboat chefs - the Kashmiri Macchi (fish) and loves with turnip are exclusively delicious. Indubitably there are numerous Sonamarg Restaurant that offers multi-cuisine charges, whether or not the Kashmiri flavor gets too greatly for you.

Hotel Snowland Sonamarg Restaurants :

Hotel Snowland Sonamarg has one internal Restaurant. The multi-cuisine restaurants including a luxurious meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets apart from mouthwatering all-day banqueting menu. Also, guests delight in a live band playing enthralling melody in the evenings.

Ahsan Mount Resort Sonamarg Restaurants :

The Private Restaurants of Ahsan Mount Resort Sonamarg serves a rich selection of dining familiarities fluctuating from an all-day dining restaurants helping worldwide food. The Ahsan Mount Resort Sonmarg Restaurant serves Indian, Kashmiri, Continental and many other types of dishes. They serving staff also very well-mannered as they serves food with smiling face and also pay an attention properly.

Hotel Rah Villas Sonmarg Restaurants :

The award-winning Sonmarg Restaurants at Hotel Rah Villas Sonamarg joint an advanced restaurants design feeling with first-class foods. The range involves of Continental, Chinese and Mughlai delicacies. The best cuisine while you are at Sonamarg is traditional Kashmiri food. Don't miss that.