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The Sonamarg area is well-known for trekking and climbing tracks. The snow covered mountains in the Himalaya and the rippled mountainous high areas are flawlessly appropriate for all kinds of trekking trips. Sonamarg is the base camp for various Trekking in Sonamarg Tours. Sonamarg Hotel not only offers best Sonmarg Accommodation but also arranges the trekking torus on request for their guests.

Trekking in Sonamarg :

Sonamarg Trekking is exciting familiarity and is one of the main charms in Sonamarg. Srinagar - Sonmarg - Thajiwas Glacier 84 Kms depart Srinagar by cars / coach and drive over attractive town and reach Sonmarg. 3 Kilometers saunter to Glacier. Camp at the base of the Glacier which is 3000 Meters. Overnight in Alpine Hut / Tents.

Start Trekking in Sonmarg from the Thajiwas Glacier.

Sonamarg Thajiwas Glacier Trekking :

Thajiwas glacier is core of Sonamarg Trekking. Sonamarg Thajiwas Glacier Trekking - Nichnai 13 Kms. Begin trekking sheer climbing up to Shokhdari where from you can delight in the gorgeous sight of the Glaciers and Sonmarg slope in the direction of Nichnai ( Shepherds Valley ). Stop over in Tents for the night.

Nichnai Vishansar Trekking :

Nichnai (13,387 feet) is one of the widespread treks of Sonamarg. Nichnai - Vishansar - Kishansar Lake 15 Kms which is just over 12,000 feet. Departure in the morning for Nichnai Vishansar Trekking and directly start mounting to Nichnai permit (13579 Ft) then incline on the way to Vishansar and Kishansar Lake 5 / 6 hours rambling finished the attractive expected garden with several unlike wild flowers and adventure a brook at the end. Stay Overnight in Tents.

Kishansar Lake Trekking :

Kishansar (12,500 feet) is one of the foremost fascinations of Trekking. Kishansar - Gadsar 16 Kms. Complete day trek 6 / 7 hours walk en route for Gadsar identified as Botanist heaven sharp uphill up to Kishansar pass which is 4080 Meters. After the Kishansar Lake Trekking stay whole night in tents.

Sonmarg Gangabal Trek :

Gadsar - Gangabal Lake 19 Kms. Leave-taking Gadsar for the best Sonmarg Gangabal Trek and relaxed mounting up to "the valley of flowers, Poshpatri" then a steady hiking up to Megan dub. From here precipitous and tough slog to Zagibal peak 4180 Meters. This is the peak and wearing pass on this walk where you can see stunning vision of the Gangabal lakes and Harmukh peak an exact pleasant end from Sonamarg Trekking. Overnight in tents.

Day for vacation or Rainbow (multi-colored) Trout Fishing at Gangabal lakes or complete day stay to LulGul pass where from you can realize striking outlook of Nanga Parbat. Halt at night in Tents.

Gangabal Trekking :

After the Gangabal Trekking, Parting ( Leaving ) Gangabal on the mode get Trunked and Nunkol 2 minor Wanderers towns than a precipitous slope near Naranag. At Naranag stopover Buddhist cloister. It is said that 3rd world Conference of Buddhist was held somewhere around this place. Leave by car/coach to Srinagar 2 hours' drive.

Sonamarg Trekking is recognized as one of the top trekking endpoints of India JK Tourism Online deals trekking excursions to this excessive trekking terminus of India, Sonamarg is Trekkers Heaven.

Trekking in Sonmarg will precede you approximately 7 days for the Sonamarg Excursion only. So plan your expedition, consequently. Numerous tourist offices have been set of connections in Sonamarg and the officers will continually be prepared to support you in stuffs concerning whatever. They will even deliver the equipment's that you will require for the Sonamarg Trekking.